2010 Camaro Takes the Lead

There are a lot of great cars coming out for 2010, and one that hasn’t been around for a little while is the Chevrolet Camaro. This car used to be wildly popular, but then Chevy stopped making it because they focused on more ‘standard’ cars instead of sportier models.

cac00chc021a0101 regular 2010 Camaro Takes the LeadThere has been a big demand for the Camaro, though, and many people are frustrated because, the only reasonably affordable muscle car really left out there has been the Ford Mustang. There needs to be more choices, and this is where the Camaro’s return comes in.

For 2010, the Camaro beats out the Mustang and the Dodge Challenger on performance and overall styling. It has more horsepower than either of its two competitors and yet its price is equivalent. It also has the great Camaro looks, where the Mustang is lacking in the wow factor. The Challenger, on the other hand, has impressive styling but it’s heavier than the other two and the tires are of poorer quality, which affects how well it handles.

The Camaro is the best choice of the three for anyone who is really interested in owning a reasonably affordable muscle car that they can enjoy for both looks and performance. The other two cars compared to it, while still good choices, pale in comparison to what the Camaro has to offer for 2010.

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