Are Extended Warranties A Good Choice?

Whether you should buy an extended warranty is really up to you, but it’s something you’ll want to consider carefully. While it’s true that extended warranties rarely get used, if you need one you’ll be glad that you have it. When it comes to determining whether you want one there are several things to consider.

678901 contract 2 Are Extended Warranties A Good Choice?First of all, how much does the extended warranty cost? Some of them are much more expensive than others, depending on whether they are offered by the dealer or through a private company. Also, make sure you understand whether the extended warranty starts at the end of the standard warranty period or runs along with it.

If it runs during the same time but then goes beyond that, it won’t give you as much value – or as much time – as it will if it stars the day that the original manufacturer’s warranty expires. What it covers is also very important, because extended warranties aren’t always bumper to bumper warranties that cover everything. If the warranty doesn’t cover things that are major repairs – and therefore majorly expensive – it might not be worth it. The length of time you’ll keep the vehicle matters, as well, because there’s no point in paying for an extended warranty if you won’t be keeping the car beyond its standard warranty period.

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