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If you are looking to buy a car local or online, you should really consider a professional inspection.  If you have not been considering purchasing a car online for some reason, perhaps the reason you did not was because you were unaware of just how important a professional inspection really is.  Here is what you need to know about why vehicle inspectors are so important for those shopping for vehicles online.

Even Locally, Inspectors Matter

Most people think that they are sufficient judges of honesty or mechanics to make a valid inspection of a vehicle, but if that were the case then why would previously owned vehicles have such a poor reputation in general?  The answer is relatively simple: used vehicles have such a poor reputation because most people are not able to accurately determine just how reliable they will be.  With that being said, why is it that so many people still insist that they are competent enough to handle their own affairs in this regard?

The fact of the matter is that a qualified mechanic is going to be 100% essential to reviewing any vehicle that does not come with a bumper to bumper warranty.  A qualified mechanic has the tools, experience, and even the education to properly review a vehicle and determine its likely reliability and suitability for any given buyer.

Mechanical Education Costs

Keep in mind that many people might scoff at the idea of thinking of a mechanic as educated, but ask yourself when was the last time you re-synchronized an engine management software after installing new cams.  Don’t remember?  Ok, then, so let us just agree that even tasks consider to be manual in nature can require a great deal of education.  In fact, trade schools that teach mechanics how to operate on the latest in high tech motors and vehicles that become more complex by the year take time and a lot of money, plus no small amount of dedication to complete.  Just because the job is a greasy one does not mean that the person performing it is anything short of uniquely suited to judge a used vehicle.

Be Prepared to Spend

As with anything, a good inspection is likely to cost far more than a poor inspection.  You get what you pay for in almost anything in life, and the same is certainly true for professional services such as a vehicle inspection.  The best vehicle inspectors will even offer a great refund or compensation if it turns out that they miss something.   This does not mean that anything identified as a potential trouble item or impending problem will be covered, so be sure to read each agreement fully before making any finally purchasing decisions.

How to Leverage an Inspection

The downside is that not everything that glitters is gold.  Chances are that a vehicle priced ridiculously low is going to probably turn up a defect or two.  This is not unexpected and a generally bargaining convention is that buyer and seller agree to a price before inspection and the inspector adjusts the price based on the repair costs.   For example, a seller identifies their vehicle as worth $3200 as is, and the buyer agrees.  They both agree to an inspection and regardless of who pays for the inspection, the repair cost for any items that have not been disclosed turn out to be $700.  Subtracting $700 from $3200 the new value of the vehicle is only $2500, and that is a way to strike a fair deal.

Don’t Psych Yourself Out!

Most people eventually get to the point where they think too much of their own ability to determine the merits of a vehicle, and you know now the true value of an inspection.  Just remember that you do not want to go overboard in the other direction by the same token and spend too much on an inspection and not receive sufficient value for it.

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