Best Choice for Teen Drivers

Your teen driver might really want a sports car, but that’s not the best choice for him or her. It might be flashy and fun, but it’s also dangerous, has a big engine, and can raise your insurance rates up to very painful levels. Instead of buying something like that to stop your teen from whining, inform him or her that driving is a privilege and so is owning a car.

1154925 teenage girl on phone Best Choice for Teen DriversA car that is not quite what the teen had in mind is better than no car at all, and those are the only two choices. With this in mind, it is much better to get a teen driver a car that is a little bit bigger but still good on gas. Four doors are preferable to two, and convertibles should be avoided. They are fun, but they are also a roll-over risk because of the lack of protection.

Ditto on SUVs. They might be stylish and cute, but a teenager taking a corner at high speed can put one on its side or its top. They offer much more protection than a convertible, but they will tip over much more easily, as well. It’s not something that you want to have to deal with. A four-door, smaller but not tiny, economical car is the best choice for a teen driver. It will also keep your insurance lower because there won’t be large engines and sporty features involved. It will be a ‘normal’ car and there won’t be any extra insurance premiums for sport categories or anything else that might add up the dollars.

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