Why You Should Bring A Friend Car Shopping

car shopping Why You Should Bring A Friend Car ShoppingRemember the old saying, “Two heads are better than one”? Well, it was true when it was coined, and it is true now, especially when it comes to shopping for an automobile. Whether you are in the market for a brand-new vehicle just off the assembly line, or are looking for a previously-owned vehicle that will just get you around town, taking a trusted friend along when you begin browsing for a vehicle can provide you with insight and perspective you might otherwise miss out on.

On another note, not only will two brains assist in your search for a new vehicle, but two pairs of eyes and ears do not hurt, either. While one of you is intently listening to the salesperson’s speech about the particular qualities of a particular vehicle, the other one of you can be intently looking over the vehicle and listening for any holes in the salesperson’s story. This is especially helpful when you are shopping for a used vehicle. For example, while the salesperson tells you all about the reliability of a certain vehicle and how it has years of driving left in it, the other one of you can discreetly check the odometer and find out how much of it’s life the vehicle has already spent, and therefore how much life you can realistically expect it to give you. Also, while the salesperson talks about gas mileage and how this little trooper will save you thousands of dollars in fuel every year, the other one of you can make a mental note of the vehicle’s make and model to research gas mileage later when you leave the car lot.

Now, not every auto dealer is going to try to lie to you or scam you into buying a car that is a piece of junk. But let’s be realistic, their job is to sell cars and that’s where they make their living. It is wise to employ every possible tool to ensure that you do not suffer at the hands of a wily salesperson who really does not care about your safety in the vehicle they are trying to sell you, and it is also a good idea to simply be informed with dealers who honestly do want to help you to find the vehicle that is right for you. There are honest auto dealers out there, and having a friend along can help you to tell the difference.

The bottom line is that taking a friend along will help you to view each possible vehicle purchase through more objective eyes, open up more opportunity to protect yourself against scams, and ultimately create some really good stories to be reminisced upon in the future: “Hey, remember when we went looking to buy you a new car way back in…”.

A good car? Pretty valuable. Memories of car shopping with a good buddy? Priceless.

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