A New Way to Shop For Insurance

cops A New Way to Shop For Insurance Don’t drive without insurance

Getting insured is critical in an overly litigious age when people place more value on winning rather than on being fair, and it is often an obligation to completing a vehicle loan. The bottom line is that everyone is looking to cash in on any accident in any way that they can these days, and thus it pays to have a solid company insuring you. That should not be taken as an endorsement that you should rush out to a brick and mortar office where a licensed insurance salesperson awaits. Instead, you should focus on finding a creative way to save money, and here are three really good reasons why:

Insurance Terms and Levels Are The Same…Service May Not Be So Much So

Buying a comprehensive coverage with the same limits and deductibles from two different companies means that both companies have a legal obligation to meet their end of the arrangement. What does that mean to you? It means that both companies must come through for you whenever you have an accident as defined by the law. So if the service levels are the same, is there a reason to pay more for one company versus another?


Just because two companies offer the same legal protection in the event of an accident does not mean that both companies are easy to get in touch with. Furthermore, some companies offer additional frills such as rental car reimbursement at an additional fee. A few dollars a month to save hundreds while your car is in the shop can be surprisingly smart, but it is very little compared to a 24/7 claims line.

Shop Once And Drive Away Legally

Most states are requiring proof of insurance from the second you own a vehicle, and that means that if you go the brick and mortar route that you’ll have to buy the vehicle then get a ride to the insurer’s office and sign a contract then get a ride back to the dealership or individual you are buying the vehicle from before you can legally drive it. The penalties for driving even an inch without insurance in most states are truly life-altering and are in no way worth the risk.

Now you can print your proof of insurance and drive away legally from anywhere you can get connected to the Internet.

Competition is a wonderful thing. Before the Internet, insurers had to set up expensive offices in each city that they wanted to serve and consumers had to foot an accordingly high bill to cover those costs. Now, insurers have the option to buy/rent one or more building and serve the entire country if they wish to do so. The net effect is that the overhead per consumer is lower, and rates drop accordingly. Everyone wins…except brick and mortar insurance offices. Sorry guys.

Don’t Worry, Drive Happy

An insured driver is a safe drive according to most studies. It is ironic that uninsured drivers seem to be more statistically prone to having accidents and there are many debates on the reason or reasons for this counter-intuitive fact, but the bottom line is that being insured actually has a very strong impact on safe driving. That being said, the ability to download proof of insurance to a smartphone or print it out anywhere just makes it that much more convenient and enhances overall safety.

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