Buying That SUV? Be Aware Of The Rollover Risk

Although the Sport Utility Vehicle is a very popular car in our day and age, it definitely has a few drawbacks that one should consider when choosing a car. Not only is the gas mileage an issue, but there are also safety issue to consider. Certain SUV’s have a high rollover rate.

284042 toyota scion Buying That SUV? Be Aware Of The Rollover RiskAccording to the federal government, rollover crashes kill one of every four people who die in car accidents. Although, despite rigorous safety testing and published results, the average consumer cannot find out an automobile’s propensity to rollover.

Thanks to an analysis by USA Today, we can find out the rollover statistics for 189 different model 2000 vehicles. The results were calculated by industrial economist Joe Kimmel using mathematical formulas (accounting for factors such as the vehicle’s height, weight and width).

Using this analysis, Kimmel concluded that SUV’s make up 17 of the 20 vehicles with the highest rollover rate.

Although some contest Kimmel’s method of using probability and mathematics rather than using actual cars, an independent research company National Highway Traffic Safety Administration praises Kimmel for his mathematical accuracy.

So when buying that car just remember a few of these facts:

Although most SUV’s are likely to rollover in one of every four SUV related accidents, there are a few other cars that face rollover risk as well. The Chevrolet Metro and the Suzuki Swift, can roll over about 20% of the time — just as often as some SUVs. And minivans are more likely to roll over than other cars (but not as likely as SUV’s).

So take your time, and choose wisely.

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