Your Car Is More Than A Mobile Sub-Woofer: Accessories Aren’t Neccessary

car accessories Your Car Is More Than A Mobile Sub Woofer: Accessories Arent NeccessaryWe have all heard it…or felt it, rather. You are sitting in your own car at a stoplight and suddenly it feels like the world around you is vibrating in a particularly booming rhythm. Is it a thunderstorm coming? An earthquake? Tribal drums echoing from some nearby gathering of witch-doctors? No, you realize as you glance around to identify the source of the sound…it’s the stereo in the car across the intersection from you literally shaking the ground with its base and making the car that contains it appear as though it will shatter into pieces at any second. A little far-fetched? Perhaps…a little.

But let’s consider just what the truly necessary accessories in any vehicle are, and whether the ability to shatter one’s eardrums, never mind the eardrums of innocent passersby, is truly one of those necessities. Of course, most people enjoy the opportunity to listen to their favorite music as they roll down the highway, whether it’s Grandpa tooling along to the Big Band sounds of the 40’s, Aunt Moonbeam contemplatively enjoying the sounds of the 60’s and 70’s, or a middle-aged soccer mom enjoying the classic rock of the 80’s. It’s a fact of nature that most people would rather fill their ears with music they love rather than drive at any length in silence. But is it necessary to send squirrels scattering in fear as the earth beneath their tiny feet trembles to the bass emitted by speakers large enough to fill the Coliseum with sound?

It would seem that “bigger is better” has taken over reason when it comes to car accessories. Let’s face it. A radio was great, a tape player was even better, and now CD changers have taken over. New to the scene are mp3 players and iPod converters. Air conditioning is a blessing if you live in a hot climate, and a working heater is necessary if you drive in cold weather! Automatic windows, previously considered a luxury, are pretty much a stock item nowadays, as are automatic door locks, though both are also considered a matter of safety especially when driving with young children in your vehicle. Automatically adjustable mirrors are definitely a safety feature, as are automatic window defrosters and warning lights that inform the driver of the need for engine service. These all make sense, while stereo systems built to shatter the neighbor’s windows probably do not. Computerized navigation systems and security programs designed to guide you to your destination or send assistance should you encounter trouble on the road are also nice features, though probably not what most would consider an absolute necessity.

Of course, everyone’s view of “necessity” varies, and what some drivers would go without might be considered an absolute selling point to someone else. The point is, aren’t cars made for transporting people from one place to another? It seems they have almost become a small home on wheels instead, thanks to over-accessorizing.

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