What You Need To Know About Collision Auto Insurance Rates

The law for most states with auto insurance requires what is known as liability insurance. Liability insurance is usually relatively affordable and not a bad idea if your car is not worth very much. However, it only covers the damage you might cause to another vehicle. This means if damages are caused to your car, you on your own. If you have an old clinker, this might be fine. If your car is worth some money, you might consider collision insurance because it will cover damages caused to your vehicle in an accident.

collission auto insurance rates What You Need To Know About Collision Auto Insurance RatesWhen you have collision insurance, you are also covered for any damages that may happen to your vehicles from potholes on the road. This is a nice perk. However, all good things come at a price. And, you will definitely pay more for collision insurance.

Compare rates and shop around to find the best coverage for the best price. A lot of how much you will pay for collision coverage will depend on your deductible. The smaller the deductible, the higher your monthly payment will be. Deductibles usually range from $250 to $1000. The amount you choose is up to you depending on how much money you want to pay out of pocket if an accident does occur.

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