Common Alternative Fuels for Automobiles

Despite the progress made on gasoline fuel efficiency, not all cars run on gasoline or diesel anymore. While these vehicles are certainly still in the majority, there are alternative fuels out there for automobiles, and they are becoming much more common today. These include natural gas, biodiesel, liquefied petroleum gas, ethanol (E85), electricity, and hydrogen.

1026072 recycle icon glossy Common Alternative Fuels for AutomobilesIf you’re considering running your vehicle on one of these fuels, keep in mind that there are modifications that generally need to be made to them. You can’t take a vehicle that runs on gasoline and put hydrogen in the tank. It doesn’t work that way. The automobile must be adapted to run on the new fuel, or it must come ready to use that fuel from the factory. With the exception of electricity, which is the alternative fuel choice for most hybrid cars, it’s not too easy to find cars that run on alternative fuels.

Even those that run on electricity generally have an internal combustion engine that runs on gasoline or diesel, as well. It is only through having both that the vehicle is able to have enough power to do what the owner needs it to do. If you really want an alternative fuel vehicle, though, you can find one, because they are out there. You’ll just need to do a little bit of research first into where to get them, how they really work, and if you feel that the extra cost and inconvenience of finding fuel for them is worth getting away from gasoline or diesel.

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