Coolest Features to Keep You Organized

Staying organized is a big priority for a lot of people when buying a new car. It’s also not that easy to do because there is so much taking place in the life of the average person that remaining organized often ends up low on the priority list. So, what if your vehicle could help keep you organized?

1094865 car interior Coolest Features to Keep You Organized There are some very cool features out there that can do just that. Cargo nets used to be popular but they’ve gone the way of the dinosaur. Multi-purpose consoles are popular today. These have different bins, slots, and holders for all sorts of things as well as power points, and some of them have USB connections, as well. The way that seats fold in many SUVs today help to keep you organized, too, because you don’t have to fight with removing seats to haul something large. They just disappear into the floor and when they aren’t folded up those floor bins can be used for storage, too.  These are great features for family friendly cars.

As if that weren’t enough, advanced glove compartments and overhead storage are becoming very popular so that you have places to put basically everything. Some vehicles even go so far as to feature lazy susans, retractable dry cleaning hooks, and retractable cup holder covers so that you can go from cup holders to a flat space if you need it. You can also get vehicles equipped with satellite Internet and even with a printer stored in the back.  No matter what your organizational needs are, there is a vehicle out there that can accommodate you and get great gas mileage too.

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