Do It Yourself – You Don’t Always Need A Mechanic

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a mechanic in the family (or the money to just go to the shop anytime we think there’s a problem with the vehicle. Most of us learn so little about car repairs in school that our ignorance costs us whenever a light on the dashboard comes on. With a little knowledge and resourcefulness (and the internet) you can save a bunch of money and time by becoming your own part-time mechanic.

898396 wrench 2 Do It Yourself – You Dont Always Need A MechanicLearn how to do these simple things and you’ll do yourself a favor. First learn how to jump-start a car. If you already know how, you are ahead of the pack, as most people (especially us city folk) can’t. Remember which cables go to which nobs.

Teach yourself how to replace a car battery. Battery installation is expensive for how easy it really is. Learn how to check your fluid levels, and how to fill them when they are low. This includes radiator fluid, clutch fluid, oil, and even your windshield wiper fluid. Don’t force yourself to go to the mechanic for windshield wiper fluid replacement.

Learn how to change a flat tire. This could save your life on the road. There should always be a jack and a spare tire in the trunk or on the back of your car. Learn to place the jack in the appropriate place and what safety measures you should take when jacking the tire. Other helpful things to learn on a vehicle are how to replace a headlight, or taillight. How to fix a dent (yes, you can do this too). And how to replace a spark plug.

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