Does ‘certified pre-owned’ make it worth the extra cost? What you get for the money

What is a certified pre-owned car? I first thought it meant the car was definitely once owned by someone else. That’s not the case. It’s even better, in fact. It means you get the lower prices for the car having been used before, but you also get the warranties that come with a new car. A certified pre owned car might be a good deal for you.

478187 blue pass 1 Does certified pre owned make it worth the extra cost? What you get for the moneyCertified pre-owned, or CPO, is a term made up by the auto industry to describe a late-model, low-mileage used car that has passed an inspection and is backed by a factory warranty. These cars are usually in better shape than the average used car and through a vehicle-tracking service such as Carfax, has a recorded history of regular maintenance and accident-free operation that can be verified independently.

Warranties on such cars can vary. It certainly depends on the car, condition and the time it was pre-owned. Many CPO programs offer a kind of combination of a warranty, an inspection and the option to return the car if it isn’t what you expected it to be.

If your first priority is price, then you should avoid Certified pre-owned altogether, as these prices will be slightly higher. But if a guarantee is what you are looking for, and price is an issue to consider, then a CPO may be perfect for you.

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