What To Look For When Buying New Or Used: Don’t be Overcharged!

There is this car guy who works for a BMW dealership in Southern California. However, he does not sell any BMW’s. Instead, he works in the dealerships other department helping customers to find any other car they might be interested in, whatever type it may be. This way, the dealership does not lose out on selling a car to a customer that may not want to buy a BMW.

452697 big money What To Look For When Buying New Or Used: Dont be Overcharged!The interesting part of the story is that one of his success stories comes from a family who has purchased 4 new vehicles from him in the last 2 years. This family test drove the cars at other dealerships and then just contacted the guy at BMW with the information on the car they were looking for. In all 4 situations, the dealership overpriced the car, and the guy from BMW came in lower. Its no wonder people are saying that you should never finance your vehicle through the dealership.

Apparently many dealers commit dealer fraud. They do such things like asking your employer to lie about your income. They often sell used car that have been wrecked and re-built without your knowledge.

Another thing to beware of is that often they markup the interest rate on the car loan. Sometimes, you have actually been approved for a much lower rate. Lastly, beware of the deals out there. Very few people actually qualify for those. All and all, be careful and cautious when it comes to car shopping.

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