Dress The Part When Car Shopping

When you’re looking for a new car you might feel the need to dress up so you can impress the dealer with how prepared you are and how you can certainly afford the car you’re looking at. However, all the dealer will see is someone who can obviously afford to pay full price.

1086223 swoop Dress The Part When Car ShoppingTo avoid paying too much, don’t dress up. That doesn’t mean you have to go in there un-groomed and in ratty clothing…just don’t go in your best designer suit or wearing a lot of expensive jewelry. Nothing says ‘charge me sticker price’ like diamonds and pearls, so leave them at home and wear something more modest.

Also, be careful what you drive up in. Unless you’re trading in that Mercedes, leave it at home. If you don’t have anything else to drive get a ride with a friend or take the bus or a taxi. It makes you look like you need a car but like you can’t afford that much. You’ll have a chance to get a better deal because the car dealer won’t be expecting you to pay full price. He’ll try to work with you to a certain extent because he wants to sell cars, and if your credit is good you can get a great interest rate to go along with the lower price you’ll receive from the dealer. You can wear your expensive clothing and your high-priced jewelry when you get home. Just don’t wear it for the dealer. You won’t be impressing anything but the dealer’s bank account.

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