Economy Affecting Fraudulent Insurance Cases

The other day I was driving my car when a driver pulled in front of me and slammed his breaks. There were no cars in front of him. Luckily, my breaks are strong and I barely missed hitting him. However, the driver motioned to me to pull over. I knew I did not hit him and decided to drive away. To my surprise, this driver followed me for 20 miles along the freeway. I had to call 911 because it was dark; I was alone, and afraid. After the car stopped following me I thought the situation had ended until I got a letter in the mail from an insurance company claiming I had been in an accident.

economy fraud insurance Economy Affecting Fraudulent Insurance CasesDue to the fraudulent nature of the claim, I had to take pictures of my vehicle to proof there was no damage. It was scary and a long process. I hope it never happens again. However, if you talk to people in the insurance business they will tell you they see cases like this all the time.

A lot of it has to do with the horrible economy and people needing money. Some cases even go to the extreme of lighting their cars on fire. They also report their cars stolen. These people are willing to do whatever they can to either get rid of their car and the payments that come with it, or to make some extra cash.

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