Finding A Good Mechanic – It’s Easier Than You Think

Most people would probably agree that the top ten things they hate the most are dealing with car problems. Who really wants to deal with the unexpected break down that happens to your vehicle? And, then there is the problem of figuring out where exactly to take your car.

924971 work on train Finding A Good Mechanic – Its Easier Than You ThinkChances are, if you take it to the dealer you could get over charged. And, if you decide to go to the mechanic down the street, how can you trust that they will do a good job? Here’s some good advice to follow to help you the next time your car breaks down so you can choose the best mechanic to make fixing your car go as smoothly as possible.

• Ask people you know and trust for recommendations.
• Talk to people who have similar cars as you do.
• Don’t choose a mechanic who does not service the type of car you have.
• Call the Better Business Bureau and check up on the shop.
• See if the shop is accredited by the American Automobile Association
• Ask if the mechanics are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
• Check the warranty on the repair. If it is only 30 days, this is a little worrisome.
• Get a full explanation of what is being done to your car beforehand.
• Know the shop’s hours, how long your car will be in, if you get a loner car, etc.

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