Go Green With Your Auto Insurance

What does it mean to go green with your auto insurance? Sure you can go paperless and get your bills via email. That will definitely help save a tree. However, when we talk about going green with auto insurance today, we are specifically referring to the discounts available for driving eco-friendly cars.

Bgreen auto insurance Go Green With Your Auto Insurance ecause hybrid and environmentally friendly cars use gas and electricity as a source of fuel, they are more efficient. They do not fit into the category of gas only vehicles. For this reason, some auto insurance companies reward your decision to help the environment by giving you a discount.

Another discount available to drivers is for people who have very low annual mileage. These drivers are considered “pleasure drivers”. They do not use as much fuel as the rest of us and are therefore kinder to the environment. Most insurance companies reward these types of drivers as well.

Not only does going green save you money on your auto insurance, but it also saves you money on your gas. In today’s economy, everyone loves to save money! It might be time to invest in a more fuel efficient car that is better for the environment and your insurance policy.

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