Haggling 101: Getting The Best Price for that new car

The biggest mistake you can make when haggling over the price of a new car, is to not haggle at all. Don’t end up with the high end, first offer that’s laid on the table. You’ll regret it deeply when you find out your close friend bought the same car for thousands less.

1098657 tag icon set Haggling 101: Getting The Best Price for that new carMost Americans are out of practice when it comes to haggling. We don’t haggle in retail stores or at the market. Rather than trying to get prices to drop a few dollars here and there, we just compare prices online with the click of a button, until we find one that’s acceptable. But most of the world works on the haggle system. From the dawn of trade, people would go back and forth until both parties were content (more or less) with the current transaction. Why have we lost this system here in the US. Are we afraid of confrontation? Are we too busy to spend the time arguing?

There’s all sorts of deals that are unknown to most customers, until you try and haggle. Remember, the sticker price on the window of the car is the starting price. Now come up with a much lower price, and take it from there. Negotiate. Don’t let the salesperson take over. Any big ticket items can be lowered (houses, cars, space shuttles). Never let them know you really want the item. Leave if you don’t get the price you want. And always remember that you are the client, and you have money that the seller wants.

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