How Cars are Recycled

Have you ever thought about what happens to a car once its driving days are over? Many people conjure up images of junkyards and a lot of rusting and decaying heaps of metal. There are still some of these, but cars are also being recycled.

1181204 recycle    How Cars are RecycledNow, more than ninety-five percent of cars are at least partially recycled, which is good for the economy and for the planet. Almost all car batteries are recycled, too, which means that they aren’t sitting around leaking corrosive substances into a landfill somewhere and potentially into the soil and drinking water. Cars are the most recycled thing on the planet. Paper is only fifty-four percent recycled and plastic bottles are only thirty-seven percent recycled. When cars are taken to the salvage yard they are taken apart. There are some components that do go to landfills, but all of the metal is recyclable, and before it’s turned into a big metal cube every piece and part that can be reused or resold is removed from the car.

When people come to the salvage yard looking for parts, they’ll be able to find them quite easily, which is an improvement from the past where they had to go scrounging through a big lot full of cars to find what they needed. The metal left over is made into a cube and re-sold, and it can be used to make more cars or for anything else taking that type and grade of metal.

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