How Will Chrysler’s Bankruptcy Effect The Car Market?

In short, Chrysler’s bankruptcy isn’t going to have much effect at all on the car market. That doesn’t mean that everyone will just ignore it, but there are many people who will find that they can still buy a Chrysler product and feel safe. Others will not buy from Chrysler but will just go and buy from another company, so the car market overall won’t suffer.

1176251 cut expenses 1 How Will Chryslers Bankruptcy Effect The Car Market?When a big company files bankruptcy it’s not the same as when a person does it. It’s a working bankruptcy. The company won’t shut down or close up, but they will restructure and try to find a way to better pay off their debts. During that time, the company will keep selling cars, keep honoring warranties, and keep taking care of their customers.

If it ever comes to a point where the company can’t do that while in bankruptcy, the government will step in and protect the people who have purchased vehicles by making sure that warranties are honored and financing is not tampered with. Other than that, nothing about the way the company operates will change from the standpoint of what the customers see. Car buyers don’t scare off that easily, and even though Chrysler’s sales might slow because of it, car sales in general really shouldn’t be affected.

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