Is Buying a Certified Used Car Worth the Extra Money?

We’ve all seen them – those commercials that talk about how wonderful the cars are because they’re certified used cars or certified pre-owned. Dealers try to avoid saying ‘used’ too much. ‘Pre-owned’ sounds so much classier, apparently.

However, certified cars cost more, and whether it’s worth it depends on the opinion of the buyer, really. When you get a certified car, you’re basically paying for the fact that someone who is affiliated with that brand of car has inspected it and said that it’s good.

988920 key Is Buying a Certified Used Car Worth the Extra Money? You could take a non-certified car to a mechanic and have it inspected for very little money. You could even have it inspected by a mechanic that works at a dealership that specializes in that make of car. In other words, for a small one-time fee you could get the same information about the car. It just wouldn’t be ‘certified.’

Don’t buy into all the hype. Having a used car inspected by a good, reputable mechanic before you buy it is a good idea, especially if there is no warranty on the vehicle. You shouldn’t have to pay hundreds or even thousands more for it, though, and you shouldn’t have to pay interest on it if you finance.

You’re not really getting anything extra for your money, but by saying their cars are certified the dealer makes you feel safe and charges you more in the process. Overall, buying a certified used car really isn’t worth the extra money that you’ll have to hand over to get it.

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