Is buying a ‘green’ car worth the extra cost? How to find out

Ever since the rise in popularity of hybrid vehicles, reports everywhere seem to say they are not worth it. You have probably seen an article or a dateline special about it.

66795 the batmobile Is buying a green car worth the extra cost? How to find outThe ones where they discuss how much you will actually have to drive to recoup the amount saved in gas for the extra amount of money you spent to buy your hybrid. And, now that gas is not at 5 dollars a gallon, you think, those reports are probably accurate. But, consider this argument. Going green on your vehicle might still be worth it in the long run.

How so? Well, according to sources, the government is considering charging us for the choices we make that are harmful to the environment. How would you like it if every time you went to the grocery store you were charged an extra 20 cents for that plastic bag? Not bad, an extra 20 cents. But what if you have 15 bags and you shop at the grocery store once a week. That could end up being costly. And, the government is not stopping there. They want to ban all Styrofoam. Think of how these policies could ripple when it comes to your car.

The hybrid might seem costly, but it may be worth it when you are being penalized for not being kind to the environment.

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