Is that ‘dealer pricing’ really a savings? How to spot a scam

Dealer pricing sounds good, because the commercials all say that you’ll be buying that car for the invoice price. Sure. Maybe. However, there’s really no guarantee. The dealer might ‘show you the invoice’ but there’s no proof that it’s legitimate.

744333 the deal Is that dealer pricing really a savings? How to spot a scamThe best way to be sure that you’re getting a fair deal is to do your research. What are other dealerships in your area charging for a comparable car? Is there pricing information on the Internet? You don’t want to just assume that the dealers are giving you the best deal – although the larger dealerships rarely attempt to cheat customers. It’s very bad for business, and the car companies that they represent are not interested in alienating their customers.

When dealerships that are affiliated with the major car companies offer discounts, they are generally legitimate. They usually have ’employee pricing’ where all buyers pay what an employee of the company would pay. It can save you several thousand dollars, which helps to counteract some of the depreciation that is generally seen on new cars. Smaller dealerships that aren’t affiliated with a particular car manufacturer generally don’t have ‘dealer pricing’ because they aren’t a ‘dealer’ in the sense that they are controlled or owned by a specific manufacturer. In a case like that, ‘dealer pricing’ may just be a ploy to make you think you’re getting a good deal when you’re actually not, so be careful and do your research.

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