Just Out of College? Which Cars Give You the Most Bang for Your Buck

If you’ve just gotten out of college you’re probably looking for some great deals on cars and other things. Most people want to buy a car – or a newer car – when they graduate college, as a sign that they are maturing and moving up in the world.

533027 cap and diploma Just Out of College? Which Cars Give You the Most Bang for Your BuckHowever, you don’t want to go out and buy something really expensive when you just get out of school. Save that for after you’ve made your millions. First, buy something that’s going to be economical. That means cost, gasoline, maintenance, and insurance, not just one of those things. Buying something good on gas but exorbitant on insurance won’t save you anything in the long run. Neither will buying something that you know is really too expensive just because the company will finance you.

It’s best to avoid those kinds of things and simply buy a low cost but clean and newer, economical, ‘normal’ car. Honda Civics, Ford Focuses, and similar cars are good choices. Many people can afford to buy them new or nearly new because they aren’t that expensive and they are very good on gas. Kia makes a lot of economical cars, as well.

Any dealer can show you what he or she has available based on price, gas mileage, and other factors. You can also buy used, but be very careful of what you’re getting and have it checked by a mechanic that you trust before you buy. Some used cars have problems that their current owners are good at hiding. Getting the most bang for your buck doesn’t include spending a lot of money for repairs.

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