Learn about your warranty: what does it really cover?

Sure, your car came with a warranty if you bought it new – and some used cars still have some warranty left on them, too – but what’s really covered? How does the warranty work and what can void it? What if you need to make a claim? There are usually so many questions that people have about their warranties but often they don’t ask them. They just assume that their warranty will cover everything, but it won’t.

678902 contract 3 Learn about your warranty: what does it really cover?Standard warranties are good for three years or 36,000 miles of bumper to bumper coverage – whichever comes first. If you put 36,000 miles on your car in the first year, your warranty is all gone.

Some cars also have powertrain (engine and transmission) warranties that are good for a longer period of time, beyond the bumper to bumper (covers everything) warranty. You can void your warranty if you modify the engine of the vehicle, use aftermarket parts, or fail to have the oil changed at regular intervals, so if you take your car for an oil change somewhere other than the dealer, save your receipt. That way you can prove it wasn’t your neglect if something goes wrong, and your warranty will still cover your car. You won’t be out a lot of money to fix something that should have been paid for by the dealer or the manufacturer.

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