How To Make Sure Your Not Buying A Lemon

car lemon How To Make Sure Your Not Buying A LemonIt’s exciting to purchase a new automobile, and in today’s economy it is often worthwhile to consider purchasing a used vehicle rather than a brand-new one. However, caution should be exercised when purchasing a used automobile, for a variety of reasons. You obviously do not want to end up with a vehicle that either doesn’t run properly or that costs a fortune in repairs down the road, and you certainly do not want to face trading in a vehicle at a financial loss after discovering it was not as reliable as it seemed. Here are some ways you can avoid the pitfalls of used car shopping, and protect yourself from taking home a lemon instead of a safe automobile.

First, be prepared to take some time in making your purchase. In your zeal to drive away in a new car, do not overlook warning flags that may signal you that the car you are considering might be a lemon. Do not allow salespeople to pressure you into making quick decisions, or listen to intense slogans such as, “You have to buy it right now or you will lose this great price offer’. Such slogans are usually geared toward selling a vehicle that won’t stand up to close scrutiny.

Second, definitely shop around. You are not limited to one dealership or private seller, but may take your time and view several vehicles at different locations, comparing prices and features before making your decision. Become familiar with sales tactics and learn how to approach salespeople with a no-nonsense but polite demeanor, and be ready to ask lots of questions about any vehicle in which you are interested…and expect answers to those questions!

Third, carefully review any warranties still in effect regarding a vehicle you consider buying. Those warranties, or lack thereof, can either save or cost you thousands of dollars down the road.

Fourth, insist on taking the time to thoroughly read any paperwork regarding the purchase of a vehicle before you sign anything. Many salespeople will try to hurry you through this part in order to close the sale, but you need to read even the fine print of any sales contract before making a binding commitment.

Last, always take a day to think over your purchase decision if you are unsure. If the vehicle sells to someone else while you mull it over, there will be another car for you to buy somewhere else…there is no such thing as a “once in a lifetime” vehicle purchase. There are few laws in effect that protect buyers from the ramifications of purchasing a lemon, so you must take steps to protect yourself from a bad outcome to a vehicle purchase. Be wise, move cautiously, and think things through thoroughly, and you will increase your chances of securing a cherry rather than a lemon.

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