Need a new car? Check your insurance rates first

If you’re about to buy a new car – whether it’s brand new or only ‘new to you’ and actually pre-owned – you really should take the time to find out what’s going to happen to your insurance. Especially if you’re going from a car that’s several years old to one that’s brand new, your insurance could take a nasty jump that you might not be expecting.

1181577 car Need a new car? Check your insurance rates firstBefore you buy that car and sign on the dotted line, give your insurance agent a call or go online to see what will happen to your rate. If you have the VIN of the car you’re buying you can get an exact quote. Even if you don’t have that information, though, you can still get a pretty close estimate by listing the year, make, model, approximate mileage, and any specific features.

Chances are that the insurance won’t be a big deal, but it’s much better to know that before you buy than to find out after you buy and be stuck paying much higher premiums that you could have avoided if you’d only purchased a slightly different car. Be sure to put checking out the insurance price on your list of things to find out before you make that vehicle purchase, so you don’t end up in a bind later on.

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