Negotiating for Beginners

Negotiating a new car deal for the first time can be scary. If you’re very young it would be ideal to bring someone more experienced (like a parent) along with you to make sure you get a good deal. If you don’t want to do that, though, or if you can’t because of various reasons (like being away at college, perhaps) you’ll want to do some research into the art of negotiating. 1097209 shaking hands Negotiating for BeginnersIf you intend to buy a car, getting pre-approved can go a long way. It shows the dealer that you’re serious about buying and what you can afford. Also, don’t jump on the first thing you see or the first car you drive. There might be a better deal out there for you. If the dealer sees that you understand that, he’ll be much more likely to give you a realistic deal because he doesn’t want to lose your business.

Think about what you’re doing, and get your questions answered. Legitimate dealers will answer all questions about rebates and incentives, financing options, interest rates, and other issues. Call your insurance company from the dealership and ask about the cost of insuring the vehicle. See if the dealer has financing that can beat your pre-approval interest rate. Read the fine print. If you agree to everything the dealer will see you as an easy target. You could end up paying too much and getting things you don’t need like expensive extended warranties. In the end, you’re in control, so use that power the right way

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