Obtaining a Bad Credit Auto Loan

At oAutomotive, our network of lenders provides options for people in all types of credit situations. If in the past you have had trouble getting an auto loan, because of your bad credit history then look no further. We understand that financial mistakes happen to everyone. These mistakes shouldn’t keep you out of the new or used car of your dreams, which is why oAutomotive offers our consumers Flexible Auto Financing options which can help even consumers with the worst credit.

Our goal at oAutomotive, is to help you get in to the car you are looking for while informing you about your financing options. Depending on your credit we help match you with lenders that will be able to meet your individual auto loan needs.

Once your application is submitted our system goes to work to find you local car dealerships in your area who can meet your financing needs. Auto loans are determined by much of the application criteria. Keep in mind that depending on your income, down payment, credit history, and the availability of a cosigner the approved auto loan amount may vary. For best results you should your Credit Report to know if you have any mistakes on it. If so you have the right to notify and dispute the inconsistencies with the credit bureau to try and resolve them.

When applying for an auto loan, it is important to take into account that multiple queries against your credit may make your process for applying for an auto loan much more difficult. We here at oAutomotive recommend that you work with a loan specialist before starting the application process. By calculating how much you can afford before you start your search you can look for cars that fall within your budget. To make the process of applying for a loan easier we have set up our hassle free loan application.

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