3 Secrets to Buying a Car Online

secrets 3 Secrets to Buying a Car Online Secrets

Buying a car online may seem dangerous or even scary to some, but the fact is that with a few little secrets you can get what you want for a price you probably would not believe.  In fact, there are really only three secrets to keep in mind when shopping for a new car online.  What are those secrets?  They are actually quite simple…

Secret #1: Let Your Limits Go

Shopping before the advent of the Internet meant looking through local car lots, dealing with pushy salespeople, or perusing through the classified section of your local newspaper.  Unfortunately, Internet has essentially killed the entire printed newspaper scene, and the salespeople only seem to get pushier by the year.  The secret to avoid both of these pitfalls is to let go of your limits and shop nation-wide!

Wait a minute.  Shopping nationwide?  How are you going to get your vehicle?!  Fair enough question, but it has a simple enough answer: transportation services.  You might be thinking: hold on, that’s going to be expensive.  Fair enough, but consider this: the amount of money you save by shopping on a national level will almost assuredly outweigh the few hundred dollar transportation fee that such a company would charge.  Letting your limits go is a great way to get a leg up on finding the right vehicle for you.

Secret #2: Don’t Be Scared, You Have Help

Others might protest the idea of shopping from afar because they feel that they would not be able to inspect a vehicle.  There are a few problems with this logic, the first of which is the fact that the vast majority of vehicle buyers are not qualified mechanics to begin with.  In fact, most people know so little about the mechanics of high-tech modern vehicles that it is easy for car lots and even private parties to dress up a vehicle very nicely to fool an uneducated consumer who is insisting upon an inspection.

The second problem is that even test drives can be completely luck of the draw.  A vehicle with a check engine light can often be driven once after a battery has been uninstalled and reinstalled without seeing the light come on.  The second time the vehicle is started, the light will generally come on.  So even a test drive and inspection is little more than a cumulative psychological reassurance for those that are insecure in their ability to inspect an expensive vehicle.  Instead of relying on a placebo for that insecurity, ALL car buyers should order an inspection.  Luckily, buying a car online allows you to do just that.  In fact, most vehicle inspections offer a guarantee that if the certified inspector fails to notice a defect that the firm will reimburse you for the cost of the remedy.

Secret #3: Shop ALL Lenders At Once

Just as shopping on a national scale for a vehicle is a great idea to increase variety, options, and price, shopping for lenders from coast to coast is a highly advisable concept.  In fact, shopping for an auto loan has never been easier and faster than it is today thanks to the advent of the Internet.  A single form filled out can let lenders from one side of the nation to the other know that you are looking for their services.  When competition increases, prices drop, and that is a good thing indeed.  The net result is that there is both a greater chance of acceptance as well as better terms for those that shop for an auto loan via the Internet than for those that are shopping only at a local level.

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