Private Party Paperwork

If you’re planning on selling your car you have a couple of options – you can take it to a dealer and trade it in (and some dealers will just buy it) or you can sell it to another person in a private party sale. These are pretty common and they aren’t difficult, but it’s still important that you know what you’re doing and that you get the right paperwork completed so you won’t have any problems later.

191715 900 Private Party Paperwork You don’t want to just give the person the car – there is a title involved and there is usually a bill of sale, too. You don’t have to provide a bill of sale when you transfer the title to someone else but it’s a good idea because the new owner might not take the title to be transferred right away. If he or she doesn’t get the title transferred and the car is involved in an accident or abandoned, you want to be able to prove to the police that you already sold the car.

You should also remove the car from your insurance as soon as it’s sold to someone else so that you won’t be liable if there is a problem. If the person you sold the car to crashes it into someone on the way home, for example, you don’t want the other driver to try to come back on you and your insurance company. Get the buyer’s driver’s license information, name and address, and a phone number. You can provide that information to police or insurance if there is any problem, and the buyer will be responsible if anything goes wrong.

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