Quick Car Loan Tips

If you’re getting a loan for a car or truck, you want to make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible and that you get the best deal that you can. To help you with that, here’s a quick checklist for things you can do to improve your car loan experience.

Know Your Score

approved for car loan Quick Car Loan Tips If you don’t know what it is already, you’ll want to run a credit report and find out what your credit score is. If it’s less than perfect, you’ll want to make sure there are no mistakes on it. If they are, taking care of them before you go car shopping can save you money. Even if there aren’t any mistakes, see if there is anything you can pay off or otherwise do to improve your credit score before you go shopping. If you’re on the borderline between bad and decent credit, waiting even a little while before getting an auto loan can save you money if you can improve your credit score.


Before you start going to local dealers, shop around and research online. Knowing what’s available and what you can afford will go a long way with making you a more capable opponent for the local car dealer. Another thing to look into is car insurance. Check with your car insurance company to see what types of cars will give you discounts on your car insurance. If you’re able to keep your car insurance payment low, you may be able to pay a little more each month to get a better vehicle.

Hit the Dealerships

Once you’ve done your homework and shopped around for the car you want, it’s finally time to go to the dealership. Using all the information you’ve gathered to your advantage, don’t be lulled in by a slick sales pitch. Going into the situation armed with knowledge will go a long way in making sure you aren’t talked into something you don’t want or can’t afford. Also note that I said dealerships – plural. Don’t ever buy a car on the first or even second lot you drive onto.

Even if you’re at the last dealer you want to visit, sometimes it’s better to take all the information back home and sleep on it before making a decision. This also makes sure you aren’t pulled into any high pressure sales pitches. If you follow these simple tips, you’re bound to have a better car buying experience and get the best deal possible.

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