Save Money with Program Cars

Program cars can be a great way to get a new car at a tremendous discount. These are cars that have been driven very little, but they have never been titled and are still listed as new, with all the warranty and other perks that entails. 892837 car door handle Save Money with Program CarsProgram cars are often those seen when there is a parade, or when a golf pro is in town for a tournament and is driven around, for example. They are used by the dealer sometimes, or by company executives. Then they are sold. They might have a few hundred or even a few thousand miles on them, they will have been used very gently and cared for properly, and they still belong to the dealer. When you buy one you’ll be the first owner, just like any new car. You’ll get the full warranty, and anything else that the dealer is offering on new cars, like a special financing rate or other perks.

What you won’t get is a used car that you aren’t sure about or that could break down and not be covered.. You also won’t get an inflated price or a lot of depreciation. These things can cause people to be very leery of buying a vehicle, but with a program car you get the best of both worlds – new car warranty at a closer-to-used-car price. That’s something that almost everyone can appreciate and feel better about, so if you aren’t sure about what car to buy, consider asking the dealer about program cars. You might just get a great deal.

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