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Selling your vehicle should be an easy affair, but getting the best price is an act of making the entire purchase a no-brainer for the buyer.  There are a few simple and easy things that you can do to swing the decision making balance towards a firm ‘yes’ in this regard.  Here are some of the do and don’t type tips possible:

Do Not Upgrade Your Ride

While it might seem like everyone interested in a Honda Civic would dig a loud muffler, the fact is that even if that was the case you would probably not get as much for an upgraded car as you would if you kept the money used on the upgrade and sold the vehicle as-is.  At best case scenario you will lose a little bit of money, but the best case scenario is that you will turn off potential buyers.

Do Fix What You Can

Just because you should not upgrade anything does not mean that you should not fix anything that does truly need fixing.  This does not mean getting things fixed temporarily, but actually repairing any internal or hidden damage that you might otherwise try to conceal.  Why?  First off is an integrity issue, and the fact that if you are lacking in confidence then a smart buyer will detect that and feed off of it.  If the buyer is a mechanic or brings anyone mechanically inclined with them, you may be in instant double jeopardy when it comes to integrity.

The next major reason to have everything critical repaired is that you will simply sleep better at night, and that is worth more than a few dollars isn’t it?  Third, you may be able to use the receipts from the repairs to show just how honest and earnest you are.  You may not get the whole value of those repairs back, but if you treat a buyer with respect and honesty you should expect some of it back in the form of a smaller delta between your asking price and the final price paid.

Do Not Deal With Local Banks

Believe it or not, having lending options only is a great idea.  The downside to this is not to be focused on local banks, even those that offer kickbacks or other referral-based incentives.  Again, a measure of integrity comes into question and while you may feel like making a few bucks on the back end of a deal is a great idea, you may be doing it in a dishonest way.  So what is the right way to make buying easy?  Keep reading…

Do Show Your Buyer How to Get Loans Online

Lenders from coast to coast are lined up and ready to help you offer your buyer the best possible deal on an auto loan.  While you may not get any sort of referral bonus, you will be able to provide a great deal and do so with nothing but the utmost of integrity and honesty.  In short, it is something that you can feel good about when all is said and done.

Do Not Pad the Price

Some people pad prices so that they have arguing room.  This is what is known as positional arguing, and it is the least effective way to produce the best possible results.  Instead, pick rational points that are easily defended and capable of 3rd party support.  For example, use a Kelly Blue Book to determine what a fair vehicle price is given current state, mileage, features, and original model and features as well as any aftermarket modifications that have been made.  Do not fall into the trap of thinking that you will receive an equal dollar for dollar value back for the CD deck you installed or for the new seat covers to replace the originals that ripped over time; the CD deck is worth less than what you paid for it the moment you bought it, and it has only depreciated since and the issue of the seats being re-done is already factored into the vehicle condition and cannot be double dipped on.  Offer a fair price, and stick to your guns by using a 3rd party source to determine correct value.

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