Should You Buy An Automatic, Or Do You Want A Manual Transmission?

Occasionally, and depending on where in the world you reside, choosing between an automatic and a manual transmission may not even be an issue. Sometimes, you just have to buy what’s available to you. But here in the States, you can pretty much get any car in either manual or auto.

866269 gear Should You Buy An Automatic, Or Do You Want A Manual Transmission?As much as it may be easier to drive an automatic, and more powerful to drive a manual, there are some important differences you should know. The automatic transmission’s main job is to allow the engine to operate in a narrow range of speeds while providing a wide range of output speeds. If you want the most power from the engine, a manual transmission versus an automatic is most likely going to be for you. Manual transmission acceleration is also superior.

If you are concerned with fuel economy, manual transmission will also be better for you. Although some auto-transmission cars get better gas mileage overall, most manuals win in this category. But the difference is usually only a few miles per gallon.

Manual transmissions are also usually a bit cheaper to fix when something mechanical goes wrong. Not always true, but often a manual will cost you less in repairs than the same vehicle in an automatic.

Each manual transmission also has its own unique feel and clutching abilities. While most automatics are pretty much the same in terms of simple driving. If you prefer to have your right hand free while driving, you might want to get an automatic as well.

There are some cars out there that have the ability to switch between manual and automatic, if you need that sort of thing.

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