Spot that lemon! Five things you should always check

I’m pretty sure that the last thing you want when buying a car is a lemon. That’s a car that ends up being so trouble causing that it’s not worth the money you paid for it in the first place, and it also means you’ve been ripped off, or scammed.

1119989 lemon 1 Spot that lemon! Five things you should always checkLook for a good reliability record before you purchase a car. Narrow your selections down and research various cars before making that purchase. Some cars are more prone to becoming lemons. Read the window sticker as well. The Federal Trade Commission requires that dealers post a Buyer’s Guide in every used vehicle offered for sale. Don’t buy a car as-is unless you have checked everything on it. If a car is being sold as is, the dealer makes no guarantees that the car will work once it’s in your hands. Don’t be left with the sole responsibility of a lemon.

Check the exterior closely. If you notice any newly painted areas, the car may have been in an accident, and if it’s been in an accident, make sure you know to what extent the damage occurred. Check the windows for chips, and the car for dents, broken lamps, etc. Gaps between the body panels should be consistent and parallel.

Most importantly, check under the hood. The engine, radiator, and battery should be grease free and have little or no corrosion. Remove the dipstick, and do a thorough once over everything. Run the car, and take it for a test drive. Check the tires, suspension, tailpipe, and step on the gas.

Make sure to check Carfax, or Experian Automotive to feel more comfortable that you aren’t buying a dead car.

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