The Best Family Friendly Vehicles

Having a sporty car when you’re young and single is great fun, but as you get older you’ll really need to think about your changing life. If you have a family, suddenly that sporty little two-seater isn’t the best choice anymore. You might sell it, or you might keep it and drive it only on the weekends. Either way, you’ll need a family friendly vehicle in which to travel around.

949281 car The Best Family Friendly Vehicles How to find the best one, though, often depends on several things. The size of your family is certainly important. If you have one child it’s much different than if you’re the Brady Bunch. Cars can be great for smaller families but bigger ones or those that like to travel want to look more toward SUVs and vans.

There are a lot of different sizes out there today, too. Vans and minivans are definitely different when it comes to size and how many people they can accommodate. There are also about three different sizes of SUVs, too. Which one you need will be based on what you like and can afford, as well as what accommodates you the best. That isn’t all you should consider, though.

Safety is important, and so are features. Things like GPS navigation, a good audio system (like Ford’s SYNC), and DVD players for the back seats are good choices for families that are on the go and that spend a lot of time in their vehicle.  Fuel efficiency is important for those long family road trips and everyday running around.

Don’t just look at price and size, but which vehicle is really going to be the most friendly to all members of the family.

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