Tips for Buying Your Next Car

Not everyone buys their cars new. A lot of people buy them used, and it’s not always because they can’t afford a new one. Some people just need a second car and don’t want to spend the money on a new one. Others find that there is too much depreciation on new cars and they can avoid all of that if they buy a used one. No matter which buying category you fall into, getting a used car can sometimes be a bad experience. You can make it a better one by following a few simple tips.

1125486 soft top car Tips for Buying Your Next CarFirst, pay attention to who you’re buying from. Do you know anything about the dealer? What kind of reputation does it have? If you’re buying from an individual you won’t have the option of finding out this information. Next, don’t buy a used car without knowing what the Blue Book and/or NADA says it is worth.

Kicking the tires is a pretty common cliché, but you want to do more than that. If you know cars, get under the hood and take a look. If you don’t know cars, take it to a mechanic that you trust so you can get an inspection. He can tell you what the problems might be so you’ll know if buying the car will be worth the repairs that you’ll have to make. Also know that everything is negotiable. The dealer doesn’t expect you to just pay the sticker price and leave, so make a deal. Get the car at the lowest price you can.

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