Top Ten States for Purchasing a New Car

Planning on buying a new car? If you are, it might interest you to know that there are some cities and states where it’s better to buy a car than others, and the main reason for this has to do with how tax-friendly those cities are.

1094339 junction 3 Top Ten States for Purchasing a New CarIf you live in Oregon, congratulations! No matter what city you reside in, that state has very low taxes and fees for vehicles.

Other states that have low tax include:

When it comes to cities, though, you have to be more careful. A lot of cities tax their residents on things over and above what the state charges. If that’s the case where you live you might find that you’re tax-friendly state doesn’t feel as friendly as you hoped.

For example, it looks as though New Hampshire is a tax friendly place when buying a car because it has no state sales tax or income tax, but it’s actual a very tax-heavy place because the cities and counties have taxes and fees that you have to pay.

Over a five year period on an average, $20,000 car they can add up to over $2,500. The same car in Oregon would cost you just a little over two hundred dollars for that same period of time. You can’t just pack up and move to avoid paying taxes and fees on a new car, but it’s definitely worth looking into if you’re planning a move to another state and will be purchasing a new car. You might want to buy before you go.

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