Understanding electric cars – are they the wave of the future?

Technology is a fascinating thing. Everyday there is something new to be discovered. When it comes to the automobile industry for years it was about coming out with the fastest and best looking vehicle with great safety features. However, today’s technology offers us more than just performance and safety. We have eco-friendly cars and even the newer vehicles on the rise – electric cars. What exactly is an electric car? Is this what the future holds?

359696 electric charging sign Understanding electric cars – are they the wave of the future?The new Think City electric car has four seats, can reach up to 65 mph, is made of 95% of recyclable materials, and is less than $25,000. It is a great car for city driving. And, it meets the safety requirements that all the other cars on the road have to meet. It just takes about 10 hours to charge. So, if you do not mind that, than this could be the car for you.

A car really is all about preference, however the good thing to know is that this is something new out there to consider. It’s a great alternative to the hybrid if you want to get a car that is more eco-friendly. The Think-City car should be in dealership soon, so test-drive it and see for yourself what you think.

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