Used Car Sales are on the Rise

More and more people are buying used cars today, instead of buying new ones. They seem to think that these used cars are a much better deal. After all, you don’t have all of that depreciation and they’re cheaper, right? Well, not necessarily.

615864 car mileage Used Car Sales are on the RiseThat was the way that it worked in the past, but with the current economy there are often very deep discounts on new cars. Dealers and manufacturers need them to sell so that they can make some money. When that doesn’t happen everyone suffers. There are a lot of layoffs and all sorts of problems in the manufacturing sector and in the sales sector, as well. Depending on the car type, too, there might not be as much depreciation as you would think. Some cars hold their value very well, and that’s important to consider when you’re trying to decide whether to buy new or used, how much you can afford, and what make and model of car would really be the best for you.

Really take the time to compare new and used cars in this economy; you’ll be glad that you did. Some of the newer cars have thousands of dollars of discounts on them, and you might be able to buy something for five or even ten thousand dollars less than you would expect. When a sticker price comes down that much, it’s worth considering. You won’t lose as much in depreciation that way, and you’ll have a good warranty to protect your vehicle, which is something that you wouldn’t have with a used car.

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