Value Isn’t Always The Cheapest Choice: Get More For Your Money

When trading in a car, keep mention of a car trade till the bitter end. Begin by discussing and haggling about the desired car, and make it a point that you are interested in a fair price for the vehicle you want to purchase. Keep focus on this, and don’t let them know about your desire to car trade until later.

1098658 tag icon set Value Isnt Always The Cheapest Choice: Get More For Your MoneyNegotiate the price of the car you want and never negotiate the car deal based on the “price difference.” That means you’ll agree to buy their vehicle for a certain amount of money, plus your car trade. You may end up spending thousands more than necessary. Also, avoid negotiating a car deal based on a payment amount. If they say to you “how much can you afford a month?” You don’t tell them, and avoid mention of monthly payments, because they’ll try to sell you at a higher price, for less each month. In the end you lose.

When you do get a reasonable price on the car settled, one that you would be OK with before even bringing your car into the picture, then mention a trade. When they look at your car, and discuss the amount its worth, you can haggle again, trying to get the most discount (or best price) from that. In the end, this method will save you potentially thousands.

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