What you Need to Know About Biodiesel

Biodiesel is an alternative fuel that is made from a combination of vegetable oil or animal fat and alcohol. It is then used in vehicles that previously ran on diesel fuel. It shouldn’t be confused with straight vegetable oil that is sometimes used in diesel vehicles that have been converted.1158743 gaia with plant 2 What you Need to Know About BiodieselWhen using biodiesel there is no need to convert the vehicle, and any standard diesel engine will run on biodiesel without modification. However, it’s not really recommended that a person do this, because it can cause performance and maintenance problems later. It’s better to make modifications to the engine or to mix the biodiesel with the standard diesel to avoid engine damage. The most common problems with using biodiesel in engines that are not set up for it include clogs and particles in the fuel filter and the degradation of rubber hoses and gaskets. This mostly takes place in vehicles that were manufactured before 1992, but can be problematic in other, newer vehicles, as well.

Since 2005, biodiesel has been talked about a lot and has become more common, but it’s still not seen as often as a lot of environmentalists would have hoped. There is also the argument that biodiesel is not cost effective because increased usage of it could result in the need to grow excessive numbers of crops just to power vehicles, thus cutting into the food supply. Biodiesel is mostly still a work in progress.

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