What You Should Know About the Window Sticker

The window sticker on a car is a vital tool for gaining valuable information about the vehicle that you are looking at. Assuming that you are buying a car, it is even more important in today’s economy, to go into a dealership with some knowledge and understanding of what you are looking at, to ensure that you negotiate the best deal for you.

1176774 parked for fishing What You Should Know About the Window StickerA salesperson may claim to be looking out for your best interests and getting you the best deal that he possibly can but, to be honest, how can he or she know what is in your best interests? That person does not know you, is not a part of your life and has no idea on earth what you need.

The window sticker is a good place to start to determine if the vehicle is a good fit for your needs. You have to assume that it contains fairly important information since most state’s laws require that every new car has to have one on the window.

The window sticker contains obvious information like the MSRP which is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and the fuel economy ratings of the car. It also contains the engine and transmissions specifications, the standard and optional equipment, warranty details and the trim levels.

It shows the price break downs on the optional equipment and any applicable discounts. The window sticker should always have a vehicle identification number that should be compared to the window plate to be sure it is the right information for the right car.

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