Why is my car making that noise? When to see the mechanic

Cars tend to develop a few little squeaks and rattles when they get older, because things work their way loose. They need to be tightened up and adjusted. However, if you have loud noises coming from your vehicle’s engine or transmission or if your car develops a noise that you can’t figure out – especially if this is coupled with a lack of performance or gas mileage – it’s time to take the car in and have a mechanic look at it.

1089798 small adjustable wrench Why is my car making that noise? When to see the mechanicNaturally, if your car isn’t under warranty anymore you won’t want to spend the money, but taking care of a problem now can ensure that you don’t end up with a bigger (and more costly) problem in the future.

Avoiding taking your car to a mechanic for simple things that you feel comfortable doing for yourself, but as soon as you start to feel as though you’re getting in over your head it’s definitely time to take the car in and avoid the serious problems that could show up later. Don’t feel stupid because you don’t know what that noise is. Cars are getting much harder to work on and you’re not alone in your lack of understanding about what makes them tick. The safe thing is to let a good mechanic handle the issue.

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